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BOTB Boxing Babes: Amy Adams vs Hilary Swank vs Rachel McAdams

07.23.2015by: Cherry Liquor

The safe bet this week is that PIXELS will outdo SOUTHPAW in box office returns, but then again, I had thought that the safe bet was that ANT-MAN would tank. How wrong I was (even if it was the second worst opening for a Marvel movie. Not to dwell or anything...). I was right about Margot Robbie besting her competition in the Battle of the Fresh Meat Comic Book Movie Babes, easily taking the top honors over Evangeline and Gal Gadot. This week, how about some babes from boxing flicks?

Amy Adams

David O. Russell has a long history of pissing his actors off, as evidenced by any of the links you'll find if you search his name alongside Lily Tomlin or George Clooney. He does have an excellent track record of getting the best performances out of the people who DO like to work with him, Amy Adams being at the top of that list (yes, I know JLaw won the Oscar but Amy still was crunchier and grittier and betterer...). There's nothing that I like more than to see Adams play the tough chick with a heart of gold who doesn't pull punches. She was beyond excellent in THE FIGHTER.

Hilary Swank

MILLION DOLLAR BABY is one of the most depresssing boxing movies that I've ever watched, not that I'm always expecting a film about two people beating each other for a paycheck to be a laugh-a-minute. Swank won her second Oscar for her portrayal of a woman determined to be a successful boxer, chasing after the mentor that Eastwood was both on screen and off, as her director. It's a heart-wrenching story but it's an amazing performance by Hilary, whose muscular body is still one of the top physiques I envy.

Rachel McAdams

I love me some Rachel McAdams but I'm betting I'm going to love Jake Gyllenhaal more in SOUTHPAW. The dude cannot lose lately, turning in knockout after knockout performance, even in the creepy realm of NIGHTCRAWLER (seriously, why did no one give him an award for that? Too close to home??). There's no true glory in playing the wife of a guy who doesn't know when he's got it good, but if anyone can do it well, it's going to be McAdams.

Which boxing babe would you most like at your ringside: Amy, Hilary or Rachel?

Source: IMDB


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