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BOTB Boxer Babes: Amy Adams vs Rachel McAdams vs Tessa Thompson

08.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I wasn't surprised that there weren't a lot of responses for last week's battle, but I'm still pleased that there are some of you who appreciate a good looking Latina. Eiza Gonzalez of course was the top pick of the underrated/lesser seen/need more of Latinas, which is also unsurprising, given the fact that she's still the most seen of those particular three. For the last dregs of the summer, they're trotting out a Jason Statham sequel, a thriller with Jane Levy (which I've been hearing great stuff about) and HANDS OF STONE, the Miles Teller (mmm, that guy again) boxer flick that gave me the inspiration to team up the three hottest ladies in my most recent favorite boxing movies.

Amy Adams

While I love Amy Adams pretty much all of the time, there's a certain something to when she's playing a tougher character. Whether it's a seductress type who will be your undoing, like in AMERICAN HUSTLE, or the badass bitch out of Massachusetts in David O Russell's other cinematic gem, THE FIGHTER, a dirtier, grungier, feistier Amy is always a turn on. Especially considering she strips to her (see-through) undies in the film too.

Rachel McAdams

I know, I know. You all love Rachel. I love Rachel. The whole world seems to be in agreement that McAdams has a classic beauty that pairs well with her ability to play sweet and sincere or rough around the edges and bitchy as hell. In SOUTHPAW, we tragically see far too little of the gorgeous blonde, but it makes perfect sense to us how hubby Jakey G would get so torn up about her loss.

Tessa Thompson

I was hoping that Tessa Thompson would break out huge after appearing in CREED, where as the sexy chanteuse with the gradual hearing loss, she pulled in the audience more than Adrian could've ever hoped to. Aside from her starring in the show "Westworld," seeing that she scored the role of Valkyrie in the upcoming THOR: RAGNAROK is awesome. Those eyes, that voice and of course, all of the talent. I'm so happy for her.

Which boxing movie babe would you fight it out for: Amy, Rachel or Tessa?

Source: IMDB


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