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BOTB Blonde Aussies: Margot Robbie vs Yvonne Strahovski vs Teresa Palmer

02.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Most of you want to share the bed that Rihanna and Katy would be in, but there was still a lot of love for the Aussie besties, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts. So I started thinking about hot Australian women and then I noted that FOCUS features one of the favorites and then I got the idea that I could make your choice hard this week with these three ladies. Good luck.

Margot Robbie

I was so 110% won over by Margot Robbie in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET that I haven't been able to see her in any other light than the perfect one Leo cast on her as The Duchess. While some might argue that she has eyes that pop too much or boobs that could stand some enhancing, I might bite knuckles just like Leo whenever I see her. The Jersey girl voice wasn't even a turnoff. Hearing her talk in her natural Aussie accent? Magical.

Yvonne Strahovski

It's hard to think of Strahovski as being an Aussie with her Eastern European sounding last name and her all-American, corn-fed looks. I'd peg her for a chick right out of some mid-western college, ripe for a casting in one of those hometown honeys spreads that Playboy does. She's fierce, strong and super sexy, far beyond just being gorgeous.

Teresa Palmer

Palmer usually plays some pretty tough chicks (she saved I AM NUMBER FOUR from being a complete waste of money) with socialite good looks. But what I love most about Teresa is that she's a big time Earth mama who loves her kid and is naturally beautiful even when all of the makeup and Photoshop aren't in use.

Which blonde Aussie would you most like to hit the beach with: Margot, Yvonne or Teresa?

Source: IMDB


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