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BOTB Black Panther Babes: Angela Bassett vs Danai Gurira vs Lupita Nyong'o

02.12.2018by: Cherry Liquor

I am really super psyched for BLACK PANTHER, which has already been raking in the positive reviews from those all over the internet who were lucky enough to see it before it drops this weekend. Not only does it look stylistically cool, hopefully this will be the Marvel movie to bridge the gap between overly buff superhero dudes and the momentum that WONDER WOMAN achieved (and, to an extent, Margot Robbie's turn as Harley Quinn) over in the DC movie universe. This cast definitely sports some of the best names in actresses of color, not only for their acting chops but for their smoldering beauty as well.

Angela Bassett

Ever since I was a kid, watching Bassett take on the role of Tina Turner, one of the toughest but most zen everlasting pop stars, I was a sucker for her. An unbelievable 25 years have passed since that biopic was released and yet Angela is still the sexiest MF'er around, kicking ass in recent seasons of American Horror Story in addition to her role as Ramonda, Black Panther's mama, where she can still hold her hottie own amongst the younger cast.

Danai Gurira

Most people either can't look past her role as Michonne on The Walking Dead or they can't see past her closely cropped hair when she models or rocks the red carpet off screen. All I can see is that body, which is equal parts intense lean muscle and lovely lady lumps. For real, go Google "Danai Gurira Body." Tell me you wouldn't run through a field of walkers to get to that.

Lupita Nyong'o

Angela may have the eternal sexy on lock and Danai might have the Holy Smokes body on lock but it's Lupita who can mesmerize you with her ethereal beauty. Her face is so beautiful, so serene, so, well, f*cking majestic that I find myself drawn to looking at her as if she's cast a spell over me. Magazine covers love her just as much as the silver screen does, marking her the lady here who has spent the most time making bank modeling as well.

Which BLACK PANTHER babe brings out your primal side: Angela, Danai or Lupita?

Source: IMDB


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