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BOTB Biracial Beauties: Brooklyn Sudano vs Gugu Mbatha-Raw vs Kat Graham

01.29.2015by: Cherry Liquor

While there was a lot of love for Eva Mendes (and a surprising number of people who said they were over JLo), it's proving hard to beat Salma Hayek when it comes to a Latina battle, or any other matchup for that matter. As for this week, I'm using the subject matter from BLACK OR WHITE to create a battle where we look at hotties who are both black and white.

Brooklyn Sudano

It's OK if you don't remember Brooklyn Sudano from "My Wife and Kids." While it had a five-season run, the sitcom which kicked off the ability for "black-ish" to sell so well, wasn't all that memorable. The only person I recall from the show was scene stealing Sudano who just so happens to be the daughter of 70's disco goddess Donna Summer. She's still acting, just in low budget indies, which is a shame. The lady is funny.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Apart from having a goofy name (a nickname for the even more unwieldy Gugulethu), there's nearly no flaws when it comes to this sexy Brit. Mbatha-Raw has a fantastic body, show-stopping good looks and can act. Oh, and that accent is amazing when she's in a role where she gets to use it. All parts winning.

Kat Graham

My only big gripe with Kat Graham is that she's embraced the Kardashian lifestyling, where you scrub down the strong edges to look as if you're not really any race or ethnicity at all. Gorgeous girl who wears fake contacts and slathers on more makeup than is necessary, I often want to give Graham a hug and tell her what a pretty girl is, like you would with a teenager who has no concept of their beauty.

Which biracial beauty would you like to mix it up with: Brooklyn, Gugu or Kat?

Source: IMDB


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