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BOTB Binge Babes: Ellie Kemper vs Maria Bello vs Winona Ryder

01.12.2017by: Cherry Liquor

When it comes to your women in space, you like them talented, as was mentioned several times about the top vote grabber, Anne Hathaway. Sandra Bullock can still pull love from you with the best of them, ranking second and Liv Tyler was a not-too-shabby third. This week there aren't as many splashy flicks getting released, with a Nickelodeon movie sure to grab dollars from the families and Jamie Foxx's new flick, SLEEPLESS bound to fade away gently into the wasteland of new releases that is January. It did make me think of those shows worth staying up all night to binge on, so here are three of the top hotties from three of the top hottest streaming shows.

Ellie Kemper

While there are people giving a lot of pats on the back to Tina Fey for creating Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, much of the love should go to the talented team of writers who create some of the sharpest comedy available right now. But even more credit goes to Ellie Kemper for taking a character who could have come off grating and obnoxious but instead is strangely nuanced in a manner that I doubt anyone else could achieve. The fact that she's a ginger knockout who doesn't seem to fully recognize that she's as hot as she is only makes it better.

Maria Bello

It's less likely that as many of you out there who have NetFlix also have Amazon Prime, with its access to some of the most intriguing original programming available right now. I have heard friends bitch about the yearly charge for Prime but even if you only checked out Goliath (and Transparent, because wow), it's worth it. Now, I love me some legal drama and I love me some Billy Bob Thorton but I positively adore me some sexy Maria Bello, who never, ever fails to make my brain do a happy dance. Go get Prime. Just do it.

Winona Ryder

Stranger Things was easily the most popular new streaming series released in 2016, partly because it was so lovingly crafted with Easter eggs galore and nods to everything we loved about our childhoods (those of us old enough to have been born prior to 2000) and partly because they cast only the best people in exactly the right roles. If you'd told me back in the '90's that Winona Ryder would turn out to be one of the best mother characters on TV, I would have laughed. (Although I recognize that there are those of you who also hate her on the show, because you're just plain silly.) But after only 8 episodes, Ryder shot past years of other favorite mom characters to become my top mom.

Which babe do you most want to stay up all night with: Ellie, Maria or Winona?

Source: IMDB


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