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BOTB Bi Babes: Amber Heard vs Bella Thorne vs Cara Delevingne

03.23.2017by: Cherry Liquor

There wasn't as much feedback for last week's Battle of the Anti-Belles as there was for the movie BEAUTY & THE BEAST, which dominated the box office and is looking to set a standard for 2017 blockbusters to aspire to. The majority of the comments cited Brenda Song as being the hottest of the three babes, with many of our Facebook fans claiming the same. Eiza Gonzalez came in a solid second and there was love for Kiki Palmer as well. This week, should everyone's favorite bestiality story have any competition at all, we have POWER RANGERS getting an update, including some alluding to the Yellow Ranger being more out than the original Blue Ranger, showing growth in the evolution of maniacal kids' programming. Here are three of openly bisexual babes for you to check out this week, in honor of that wink of progress.

Amber Heard

I don't care one lick about the press that surrounded her divorce from Johnny Depp, I still think Amber Heard is a beautiful woman and can certainly understand how she'd be able to court attention from both genders. If anything, I hold the unpopular opinion of being on her side, but this isn't the place for he said, she said, let's call the whole thing off. This is about hot bisexuals and she indeed is one of the hottest.

Bella Thorne

Thorne has admitted in recent interviews that her decision to nonchalantly state "yes" on social media when asked if she was bisexual has caused her trouble with industry execs worried for her future in acting. The majority of people out there who witnessed her blase affirmation don't care who she f*cks so long as she eats a sandwich from time to time and takes that stupid septum piercing out. Perhaps this teenager rebellion will disappear like the strange phase that it is and both men & women can get back to properly ogling her nubile young body.

Cara Delevingne

I had figured that Cara was more lesbian than bi, but he model turned actress has had relationships with whomever suited her fancy in the moment, marking her as one of the more openly progressive celebs to date. Hell, I'd go so far as to suggest that Cara's probably more on the pansexual vibe, but because she's the Enchantress, she can do whatever & whomever she damn well pleases!

Which bisexual babe stimulates your curiosity: Amber, Bella or Cara?

Source: IMDB


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