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BOTB Baumbach's Babes: Amanda Seyfried vs Anna Paquin vs Brie Larson

03.26.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Even though the internet demographic composed of vile human beings who like to say degrading things about women weren't too keen on Ashley Judd's op ed piece made their annoying noise last week, those of us who aren't morally deprived showed the actress love in the match up of mature INSURGENT cast members. This week, as the indie flick WHILE WE'RE YOUNG gets a small roll out, I thought we'd recognize the list of babes director Noah Baumbach has used in his short but intriguing career.


Amanda Seyfried

Kinda hard to not like Amanda Seyfried, what with her big eyes filled with expression, her willingness to take on roles that most avoid (LOVELACE was a bomb at the box office but Seyfried makes it worth searching out) and of course, that body. Not quite the filled-out voluptuous frame that she had when she was younger but still a tasty package, which helps in aiding to the WHILE WE'RE YOUNG cause, in which a middle-aged couple begins to look to a couple of twentysomethings and moan about what they've lost.

Anna Paquin

People might complain about the gap in her teeth but Anna Paquin is a pretty big badass. She's managed to be a super hero and a bloodsucker's dream, a mouthy teen in some movies and a tender hearted soul in others. She married a dude who on paper was all wrong for her and has managed to make it last. Heck, she even did the pregnancy thing without the media going mad over it. I like Paquin but more importantly, I admire her.

Brie Larson

I got a chance to meet Brie Larson in person at one of the midnight showings of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD at the New Beverly Cinema and not only is she funny and charming, she's even more of a beauty up close. While mainly seen as a tender, unscathed thing of angelic beauty, Larson can also be a delightfully dirty tart, as evidenced by her role in "The United States of Tara." She's not just an average beauty easy to dismiss.

Which babe of Baumbach's would you most like to bump up against: Amanda, Anna or Brie?

Source: IMDB


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