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BOTB Bad Moms: Heather Graham vs Kim Basinger vs Lena Headey

07.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Although one commenter said there was no wrong answer to last week's Battle of the Babes, it seems as if Zoe Saldana was it, considering that she didn't get a vote in the match-up of STAR TREK babes, where Alice Eve and Rachel Nichols triumphed (although Rachel triumphed a little bit harder). I thought I would try to steer completely away from BAD MOMS because there's too much dumping on parents in general lately and frankly, even with a great cast the movie looks stupid as shit. But there are three bad moms from TV and movies that I actually kinda love, so I thought we might just trot down this well-worn path just this once.

Heather Graham

What most people tend to overlook when they think of THE HANGOVER is the fact that that cute baby Galifianakis totes around on his man-child chest belongs to a stripper named Jade. Jade gets married to one of these drunken doofuses and leaves her still nursing child with them (because they had to get in the visual "joke" of Graham baring one of those beautiful breasts). She's a sweet thing who means no harm but it terms of maternal instinct, she really should face criminal charges. Still, breastfeeding joke! Oh so funny!

Kim Basinger

People have largely ignored Kim Basinger's career post the turn century, perhaps because she was getting older, perhaps because her personal life kept blowing up in the tabloids. Whatever the case, it's a sad state of affairs, considering that she's only gotten better as an actress, in some cases turning out performances so flawlessly, you overlook that she's acting. In 8 MILE, the movie that fictionalized Eminem's real life, Kim is awesome as a whiny, needy, f*cked up mother who bones her son's former classmate while her youngest child pretends to cover her ears. It's horrific when you consider just how commonplace this type of behavior is out in the world.

Lena Headey

If we're going to get into really shitty mothers, let's start to talk about Cersei Lannister, shall we? I don't even need to be caught up all the way on the show to recognize an opportunistic nutjob (she's been having kids with her brother, isn't that enough?) and while I will accept that there are those who will defend her, how about you also factor in that Lena has been John Connor's mom in spectacularly messy fashion or even Ma-Ma if you want to consider her the most vile maternal figure ever in DREDD. Lena is pretty much the queen of bad & badass mothers.

Which bad mom do you want to do naughty things with: Heather, Kim or Lena?

Source: IMDB


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