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BOTB Bad Cops: Gina Carano vs Jennifer Lopez vs Rosie Perez

02.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I thought it might be hard for you to pick if I had three hottie icons for a battle and it turns out I was right. The votes for the hottest babe of biblical films were separated by only one vote each with Jennifer Connelly besting Monica Bellucci by one who bested Michelle Pfeiffer by one. I aim to pick women who can go toe to toe and get a rise out of you guys, kind of how John Hillcoat has assembled an insanely talented cast of characters we all love for TRIPLE 9. Because if there's one thing that cinema lovers agree on - it's the appeal of a bad cop. Here's three of the hottest females to tackle that designation.

Gina Carano

With everyone loving on Gina Carano again for her tough Angel Dust in DEADPOOL (anyone else here upset that they didn't get a eyeful of those boobs like Colossus did?), it's time to remember that she played a under-utilized bad cop in the 6th installment of the FAST & THE FURIOUS franchise. Nothing is sweeter than watching the chick beat up the boys, unless that chick also comes with the bangin' bod that Carano has.

Jennifer Lopez

I haven't watched J-Lo's new show, "Shades of Blue" yet, so I'm uncertain as to just how bad her bad cop is, although I suppose I could include her for simply being a terrible actress in GIGLI. Nowadays I'm more annoyed with the Lopez that exists, preferring to revisit her heyday in stuff like OUT OF SIGHT instead of anything current. Sure, she played a good cop in that one but the kind you'd want to do very bad things with.

Rosie Perez

She was in her mid-forties when she took on the role of corrupt cop Carol in PINEAPPLE EXPRESS and I'm not sure which was the bigger crime: calling Gary Cole a "sexy motherf*cker" or forcing the boys to destroy all of that primo weed. (Also, how the hell did PINEAPPLE EXPRESS turning 8 years old this year? Time is flying way too fast, dude.) I think I'll still find Rosie sexy into her 80's because she's just that kinda dame, good, bad or otherwise.

Which bad cop would you most like to get manhandled by: Gina, Jennifer or Rosie?

Source: IMDB


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