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BOTB Avengers: Hulk vs Thor vs Ironman vs Captain America vs Hawkeye

04.30.2015by: Cherry Liquor

Deborah Ann Woll might have done the otherwise impossible... bested fan favorite Rosario Dawson in a Battle of the Babes match-up. Last week Daw received more votes for hottest "Daredevil" babe, besting her competition. Continuing on the Marvel theme because no one is paying attention to anything other than AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON right now and with the understanding that ScarJo would always win paired up with anyone else, I thought we could pick us the hottest superhero dude. You know you have a favorite.

Captain America

I really like me some Chris Evans. He's a charitable dude who puts family first, not shying away from hanging out in the spotlight with his mom and sisters at a red carpet premiere or supporting his fellow actor brother. But if I had to pick, I doubt that Steve Rogers would be my number one. Too much of a boy scout with a black/white moral compass. Plus, he's a virgin and that's just not appealing after the age of (insert number that won't offend any of you late bloomers).


Again, I'm a fan of Jeremy Renner (and while I know that as a woman I was supposed to be offended by the slut shaming that he and Evans delivered to Black Widow during that one interview, I'm not), right down to his hangdog face and Grumpy Cat expressions. But if I had to pick Hawkeye... oh, come on. None of us are going to pick Hawkeye as our favorite Avenger. He's like the Aquaman of the Avengers (unless Aquaman is Jason Momoa because in that case, YUMMY!).


He's big, he's green, he's got anger management issues. Bruce Banner, finally brought to a respectable balance of smart guy/ravenous monster by Mark Ruffalo, is the intellectual in glasses that so many women find sexy. I'm definitely one of them. In the grand scheme of growers, not showers, I'm a tad hesitant to want to take this Avenger to bed with me, however.

Iron Man

He's rich, he's insanely smart and all of those toys are enough to keep any girl's (or guy's) head spinning. The egomania, no matter how hilariously quippy, is a turn-off. As is his devoted love for his assistant, Pepper. But I understand how much everyone else loves the man in the suit.


He's a god. Literally. Not only is the golden maned man with the hammer a real deity with muscles and a wink-and-nod sense of humour, he's devoted to his family and will have your back in a fight. Plus, riding on that rainbow highway looks like a mind trip I'd want to traverse.

Which Avengers superhero saves your day: Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man or Thor?

Source: IMDB


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