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BOTB Aronofsky Babes: Jennifer Connelly vs Marisa Tomei vs Natalie Portman

09.14.2017by: Cherry Liquor

The days when Zooey Deschanel automatically won every battle I put her in ended last week. Who would have thought the majority would go with Leslie Mann, with Eva Amurri running right next to her? I know I didn't see it happening. Putting that thought to the test this week, with the release of Darren Aronofsky's new mindf*ck movie, MOTHER!, here are 3 of his bravest leading ladies, one of whom tends to win everything. Will she win again this week?

Jennifer Connelly

JenCon burned into our memories at young ages, with most of us introduced to the legendary babe when she slow danced with David Bowie in LABYRINTH (or perhaps you were lucky enough to get her in THE ROCKETEER instead) but Jen has actually been pushing movie boundaries with every role she's taken other than those. It was the double sided dildo in REQUIEM FOR A DREAM that really messed us up on this fine woman and we've been trailing after her ever since.

Marisa Tomei

When she won her Oscar for MY COUSIN VINNY, there were people who claimed it was a MOONLIGHT/LALA LAND switcheroo, one meant to mock the actress because no one wins for a comedic role, right? Tomei hasn't always been edgy but when she is, like her turn as a worn out stripper in THE WRESTLER, it's magical what she can do.

Natalie Portman

BLACK SWAN shouldn't have been the movie that impressed us most about Portman's acting prowess. After all, her big start was as a wannabe hitgirl who strikes up a slightly uncomfortable infatuation with her mentor in LEON. But it was seeing Nat commit herself to the act of being a ballerina, losing all that weight, becoming hysterical from the pressure of the art, that really solidified how formidable she is as an actress and a beauty.

Which Aronofsky actress would you most like to get freaky with: Jennifer, Marisa or Natalie?

Source: IMDB


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