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BOTB Anti-Belles: Brenda Song vs Eiza Gonzalez vs Kiki Palmer

03.16.2017by: Cherry Liquor

Last week I wasn't super clear on how I expected the Battle to go down but because all of you are super smart, you figured it out and based your picks on who was hottest at the time that their KING KONG movie was made. Which means that Jessica Lange, in her lusty young age, beat out Naomi Watts narrowly, although there were also a couple of you who love you some Brie Larson. This week it's not a question of whether or not BEAUTY AND THE BEAST is going to make money, it's how much money. The live action CINDERELLA movie pulled in a $543 million haul during its run ($70 mil in its opening domestic weekend alone). The interspecies love story is far more popular with better music, so I'm going to peg it at around $100 million for this weekend. I'm also going to speculate on a few actresses who would be great for future live-action remakes featuring female characters who are even more fun than Belle.

Brenda Song

When I did watch Disney out of curiosity during the time that Miley Cyrus and her Hannah Montana shtick were popular, I figured out one thing: I really, really like Brenda Song. She's beautiful, she's witty, she's quick on her feet and not so cookie-cutter in her delivery, as evidenced by her time on The Suite Life. While she's getting up there in age for a Disney movie investment (oh, to have 28 not be considered old), Song is my pick for the best Mulan. She'd stand up well against the Kevin Hart voiced Mushu (because you just know they'd have Hart be the new Murphy on that one).

Eiza Gonzalez

I'm not a big fan of the movie but THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, should it ever be so ill-conceived as to have a live-action remake, would only be made better if Eiza Gonzalez was cast as Esmeralda. Then again, she could also play a fierce Megara, even though she's not Greek and HERCULES was a terribly executed dirty little story. Wait... could we have her play Pocahontas? Or even better: get Disney to create a Latin American princess movie? Or not have it be ELENA OF AVALOR, a spin-off of one of their TV shows but instead a character designed to headline a movie. MOANA made a lot of money, House of Mouse. People want to see fierce ladies with more melanin.

Kiki Palmer

THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG is one of the more recent Disney animated films featuring a tough heroine who doesn't wait around to have someone help her, something that reminds me of Kiki Palmer and her navigation through Hollywood as a woman of color. She doesn't hope to fix the problem but instead makes choices to further herself, thereby contributing to fixing the overall issue. I think there are a lot of young black actresses coming up behind Kiki who will be grateful that she took on being a horror-comedy sorority sister, paving the way for producers to choose beyond the exterior. I can't imagine a better Tiana.

Which babe best animates you: Brenda, Eiza or Kiki?

Source: IMDB


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