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BOTB American Horror Story Babes: Taissa Farmiga vs Lily Rabe vs Emma Roberts

10.08.2015by: Cherry Liquor

While THE MARTIAN won at the box office last week, it was ultimately the movie goers who won with the gorgeous cast of ladies in the film. Everyone's favorite redhead right now, Jessica Chastain, topped the Battle from last week, which was a surprise to no one. With the 5 installment in the "American Horror Story" series boasting good ratings with Lady Gaga joining its cast for "Hotel," I thought I'd look over some of the ladies who have appeared multiple times and (sort of) lived to tell the tale.

Taissa Farmiga

Those sad, soul-searching eyes and full-lipped pout make Vera's little sister hard to ignore, even when she's a whiny teenager facing ghosts and witches. Taissa has only recently started cutting her teeth on more movie roles, including this week's new release, THE FINAL GIRLS. I'd love if she stuck to horror, if only because she brings a depth of character to an otherwise somewhat shallow genre.

Lily Rabe

Whether she's playing an old Hollywood tortured wife, a demonically possessed nun or a reanimating Stevie Nicks loving witch, Lily Rabe is the biggest reason why I watch "American Horror Story." She chews up the screen in the best of ways, perhaps nearly as well as lead star, Jessica Lange. Her awesome presence on this show was why I tuned into her on "The Whispers" and kept watching, even though that show wasted her talent.

Emma Roberts

Her vamping as the teen movie star slash Wicca woman on the "Coven" edition of the FX horror show was just a precursor to her over-the-top performance on Ryan Murphy's new "Scream Queens," but Emma Roberts knows what she's doing. It takes someone with a light touch to be so delightfully outrageous. There are few young actors working who have made as successful of a crossover from kid actor to legitimate presence and Roberts is definitely one of an elite few.

Which American Horror Story babe haunts your fantasies: Taissa, Lily or Emma?

Source: IMDB


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