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BOTB Alien Babes: Charlize Theron vs Sigourney Weaver vs Winona Ryder

05.18.2017by: Cherry Liquor

It wasn't a total runaway for Evangeline Lilly last week, when she picked up 5 votes to Jennifer Garner's and Sienna Miller's 3 votes. I know we're going through a couple of glitches this week as we transition into our own domain, so hopefully you'll be able to weigh in when I use ALIEN: COVENANT as the inspiration for picking from 3 of the ladies who have graced the other films from this franchise.

Charlize Theron

In more recent years, I've been less of a fan of Theron's eternal beauty than I was when she was all fresh & dewy in 2 DAYS IN THE VALLEY or a bit harder in REINDEER GAMES. I especially don't like it when Charlize goes to that ugly, boring, robotic-delivery, "I'm only doing this for the fat paycheck, mainstream movies made for you idiot masses make me sick" kinda performances. (*cough*FATE OF THE EIGHT*cough*) So PROMETHEUS falls in that category for me. While she's never not gorgeous, in flicks like this, she leaves me cold.

Sigourney Weaver

If we're ranking these ladies in terms of their hotness at the time they were in the movies, I wouldn't give it to Weaver for ALIEN but definitely for ALIENS, where she looked more mature and filled out. Hell, I'd take Sigourney today, tomorrow and definitely with that blonde wig from GALAXY QUEST. She's a hot broad, a tough broad a funny broad, a wise broad and all around the broad who is very far from narrow.

Winona Ryder

I so vaguely remember ALIEN: RESURRECTION, probably because around the time that it came out, I was known for getting way too high with friends before tackling sci-fi flicks. I haven't watched it in probably 10 years or more, which might be a good thing according to my friends who regularly revisit this franchise and their disdain for it. I do know that Ryder wasn't exactly at the height of her hotness for the role, looking awkward with her short hair and minimized attitude. It was the in between period of her career for me, after she was a killer teen and before she became a mature, post-shoplifting incident adult. But this isn't just about my opinion.

Which ALIEN babe would you most like have as your parasite: Charlize, Sigourney or Winona?

Source: IMDB


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