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BOTB A-Force Babes: Dove Cameron vs Jessica Biel vs Taylor Swift

04.23.2018by: Cherry Liquor

This weekend we have AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR coming out and.... nothing else. The other studios are obviously running scared, refusing to have any counter programming because, well, it's the Avengers. Most people, much like myself, know little about the comic books or why the fandoms would be getting their knickers in a twist about anything that goes on in the film. Since I have such little knowledge (I've read up about the comics and the history of the characters, using the internet like my Cliff's Notes for the whole shebang), I figured I could start assigning roles willy-nilly to a few potential actresses in what is sure to be coming down the pipes at any time - an adaptation of A-Force, the comic series in which the female superheroines are sorta like the new Avengers.

Jessica Biel

When you go looking up what the internet thinks about the casting of She-Hulk, there are few suggestions that come to a bigger consensus than Jessica Biel. I can see it working, too, what with Biel's history of being a fit beast (although being a mom recently has taken the edge off of those old BLADE days) and her tough chick demeanor. There will be CGI involved, I'm sure, but having Jess as the foundation for the sexiest muscular green woman on the planet is a great jumping off point.

Taylor Swift

Don't start going all sideways on me with this one. While you might not think that Swift is MCU material, stop to consider her as the live-action version of Dazzler, the mutant amongst the X-Men who could convert sound into energy beams. Swift has managed to turn her sounds into fat stacks of cash and I know I have a lot of energy when I get paid. Reality of it all? There have been whispers that TayTay will show up in the forever-prolonged DARK PHOENIX. She knows how to work those sparkly rhinestones. I say let her give it a shot.

Dove Cameron

Singularity is a relatively new character to Marvel, having been created specifically to appear in A-Force. She's petite but curvy, completely blue with twinkling stars representing her quantum singularity in human form. She can do a whole lot of crazy powerful shit (including absorbing other people) but is still a bit naive, learning what it means to exist. I can see Cameron doing this character justice, what with her Disney sweetness still lingering over her external newly-sexified image. Plus, I think she needs something kickass like this to catapult her beyond the basics (and out of the pretty-but-useless reality that Victoria Justice resides over).

Which potential A-Force babe best captures your attention: Jessica, Taylor or Dove?

Source: IMDB


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