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BOTB 80's Ladies Today: Christie Brinkley vs Susanna Hoffs vs Diane Lane

03.31.2016by: Cherry Liquor

I think a lot of you were partial to ALL of the ladies of Greek week, but more so for Tiffani Thiessen, who kicked off a lot of guys' journey into manhood (or perhaps just their fist stop at masturbation station). I started thinking about the complaint that the image of Tiffani was too old (to be fair, all of the images I used were more than a few years dated) and the fact that this week's release, EVERYBODY WANTS SOME is going to be banking on the appeal of hot chicks from the '80's and the popularity of Linklater's first ode to nostalgia, DAZED AND CONFUSED. I don't think this film will sell as well as the ladies of the 80's I'm using here have aged.

Christie Brinkley

To be fair, Brinkley's career as a model started in the late 1970's but really exploded in the early '80's when she became a regular in the pages of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Editions. And lest we forget, Christie was not only the lady in that red Corvette in NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, she was also the object of Billy Joel's affection in his "Uptown Girl" video. (And for all you schlubby schmucks out there, she famously was married to Joel for a few years as well.) Brinkley has held up exceptionally well, whether or not you choose to discount her brief forays into Botox (which at least she was honest about).

Susanna Hoffs

All of the pictures I've used in this article are dated within the past couple of years, meaning that this pic of Susanna Hoffs was taken when she was 55-years old. Yes, FIFTY-FIVE years old. Hoffs has admitted that her good looks were a source of contention among her bandmates in The Bangles, leading to the group originally breaking up in 1990. The press loved Susanna about as much as Prince (who penned their biggest hit, "Manic Monday" after meeting her), which drove a wedge of jealousy between them. I wonder if the gals are still holding all of that physical appearance stuff against her, considering that she doesn't look any different than she did 20 some odd years ago.

Diane Lane

I understand that a good number of you have pledged your eternal lust for Diane Lane, seeing her as the cougar who couldn't do wrong. Looking beyond just the external, I've always been a bit amazed by the ballsiness of Lane as an actress and a woman - after considering whether or not she should quit acting, Lane also took a tennis ball directly to the eyeball, causing that permanent dilation in her eye that doesn't make one lick of difference in her being hot. Can she hold up against the rest of the hotties from the '80's who still look phenomenal?

Which lady of the '80's still strikes your fancy today: Christie, Susanna or Diane?

Source: IMDB


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