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BOTB 2017 Marvel: Jaimie Alexander vs Karen Gillan vs Marisa Tomei

12.29.2016by: Cherry Liquor

Last week ASSASSIN'S CREED didn't do that great at the box office, what with that huge production budget looming over its head while the Christmas crowds either took their kids to the animated features or more STAR WARS action, but the killer ladies from the Battle of Babes did alright. More of you were all about Uma, followed closely by Angelina Jolie, although there is an agreed consensus that she might never be the babe she once was. While that's sad for her, I'm hoping that 2017 will be nothing like 2016 (although I'm in the States, so my hopes aren't high) and that Marvel will at least deliver us some more good stuffs to divert our attention away from the junk we're going to have to endure. Here are three of those stars for your perusal this week.

Jaimie Alexander

Jaimie has been riding high on the success of her NBC show, Blindspot, so it's unclear just how much we're going to get to see of her when she returns in the role of Sif for THOR: RAGNAROK. She'll be joined by Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson because they had to double down when it was confirmed that Natalie Portman would not be returning to steal the golden god's heart again. Is this the chance his longing friend has been waiting for in order to make her move? We've got to hang on until November 2017 to find out.

Karen Gillan

While Karen's portrayal of Nebula was one of my favorite parts in the highly entertaining first installment of the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY franchise, I'm thinking that with her not shaving her head again for the role, we might not be seeing as much of her this time around as we did the last (I'm guessing she'll play a more important role when AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR rolls into town). Gillan is looking fit AF in those cargo shorts we've seen her wearing on the set of JUMANJI, complete with her famous red locks on display, so while Marvel might have given her the push into A-lister stardom, 2017 might just be the year she bests all of her competition.

Marisa Tomei

I could have put Zendaya here but that wouldn't have been fair, especially since people talked so much shit about her being cast as Mary Jane Watson, only to find out that that wasn't going to be her role. So I'm sticking with the babe from SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING who has the longevity babe factor on her side. Marisa might be 52-years old, but our candles are still burning as hot for her now as they were 20 years ago.

Which 2017 Marvel babe tops your personal box office: Jaimie, Karen or Marisa?

Source: IMDB


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