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BOTB 2016 Sci-Fi Babes: Amy Adams vs Jennifer Lawrence vs Sanaa Lathan

11.10.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It's a lot easier to vote for a hot doctor babe, it seems, although not by much. Alice Eve was the hottest Trekkie doctor around in your opinions but only by one vote over the legendary hotness of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aniston was left nearly in the cold with only one vote. I've noticed that there are a lot of similar sci-fi slash space exploration slash aliens are among us movies this year, including this week's ARRIVAL. So how about you choose something easy this time around and everybody will be a winner.

Amy Adams

She's really rather hard to beat in most people's view, so much so that we might want to consider vetting Amy Adams for a political position somewhere (perhaps in the House of Representatives, where she can sing a "Happy Little Working Song" to get everyone motivated). As the specialist called in to understand the communication going on in ARRIVAL, which I've heard is interesting despite my beliefs that it looks like another INTERSTELLAR without the alright, alright, alright vibe.

Jennifer Lawrence

It's been a relatively quiet year for the Oscar winner, with little else outside of X-MEN: APOCALYPSE and the upcoming PASSENGERS. Out of the three movies that these three babes are in, it's Lawrence's pairing with the equally beloved box office winner, Chris Pratt, that has me the most excited. I'm hoping that they have good chemistry going on but I also get the sneaking suspicion that it could be awkward between them, trying to figure out who's going to be (metaphorically) on top this time around.

Sanaa Lathan

While I'm sure she'll get fewer votes here than people who went to see her movie, APPROACHING THE UNKNOWN, I still have a thing for this super sexy lady (Mark Strong is in the movie too, which has its appeal). This silky voiced lovely lass has bounced around a bit, although whether that's due to Hollywood not knowing what to do with her or through choices of her own that she's made as the queen of her career, I'm unsure. I'm just always happy when she pops up.

Which 2016 Sci-Fi Babe would you most like to pilot your trip to the stars: Amy, Jennifer or Sanaa?

Source: IMDB


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