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BOTB 2014 VMA Performers: Ariana Grande vs Jessie J vs Rita Ora

08.28.2014by: Cherry Liquor

While she might not be the smile-iest of women (the pained look on her face throughout all of the Emmy festivities made me wonder if she'd just gotten a root canal), most of you still prefer you some Kate Mara. However, it was still pretty evenly matched for last week's Football Movie babes. With all of the noise coming out of the MTV VMAs this past Sunday, the one thing I noticed clearly was that there sure are a lot of young women dominating the pop music scene these days. Here's the gurl power VMA performer battle of the week for ya.

Ariana Grande

Such a tiny little thing to have such a husky speaking voice on her. Sure, I noticed more than that when I tuned in to see how Grande was dolled up on MTV's big music night, but that voice puts a lot of the little girl looks to rest. I could close my eyes and still think she's sexy.

Jessie J

I really like the U.K.'s toothy grinned goth goddess. She helped me to look past the unfortunate Nikki Minaj near-miss wardrobe malfunction that kept threatening to happen. There's something about Jessie that makes me get this Linda Fiorentino & Lara Flynn Boyle (during her good years) had a baby feeling. And it's a good feeling.

Rita Ora

I was terrifically grossed out when I saw Ora fraternizing with Chris Brown on the red carpet during the arrivals to the VMAs. It put a major damper on my perspective of the Kosovan beauty. She certainly looked fine when she performed "Black Widow" with Iggy Azalea, though.

Which VMA performer would you most like to hear pop from: Ariana, Jessie or Rita?

Source: IMDB


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