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Boobs & Donuts, Emily Ratajkowski knows exactly what you like

01.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Just when I thought Emily Ratajkowski was beyond her heavy skin-baring days, having claimed that she was putting her "Blurred Lines" days behind her, she goes and shows up to a party hosted by SVEDKA Vodka and gives us the girls once more. The skin tight dress that EmRat was rocking put those famous puppies of hers on display and trying to distract us by posing with the fancy donuts the event had laid out wasn't going to fool anyone. Emily posed with other popular party girl attractions, Rita Ora, Jamie Chung, and Jessica Szohr, basking in the amplified glare of the paparazzi camera flashes. EmRat was also keen on making sure we were paying attention to the right stuffs, posing for Instagram in the same dress, minus her head because who is really paying attention above the equator, right?
Source: Daily Mail


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