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Body Shop: Zoe Saldana

05.04.2009by: Mr. Pink

Summer movie season has officially begun which means that all those flicks we've been looking forward to for the last year are finally going to get a chance to disappoint us. One of the blockbusters that is getting VERY positive early notices, however, is STAR TREK. And what is that franchise without hot babes. Slinging her talented tongue around the Enterprise as Uhuru this go 'round is the scalding: ZOE SALDANA!

Check her out in - Avatar

ASS (8/10):

I admit defeat. This is the first time in all my Body Shop's that I've been unable to find a single usable image of a lady's keister. Searching for a shot of Saldana's backside seems harder than finding a pic of Bigfoot. But look at those legs and tell me you don't want to spend some QT with the haunches they support. Plus, if you've seen DRUMLINE or CENTER STAGE, then you know the girl's got a dancers body in all the best ways you can mean that.

BOOBIES (8/10):

If bewbs can be elegant than that's what these puppies are. Zoe's obviously got an ultra lean body, but instead of looking unhealthy or frail, she exudes sass and vigor. The best proof is in her chest accoutrements which are full and perfectly suited to her frame rather than having the saggy bean bag look of a lot of skinny chicks breastesses.

FACE (10/10):

Hot damn! This is like Helen of Troy good looking. Send an armada and invade a country type shite going on here friends. I don't really have much else to say. I'm just going to spend some time enjoying the pic.


The life force is strong with this one. ZSal is one of those people that whether you're seeing her interviewed, or checking her out on screen, the force of her personality just shines through. She comes across as confident, funny, self-aware, pragmatic and ready to go. You're gonna know it if you're in her presence.

CAREER (8/10):

Zoe has already notched a number of impressive turns, but her rating has to give a nod to the fact that over the next year she's appearing in both STAR TREK and AVATAR. I know that Hollywood only has room for like, three black actresses at a time, four tops, but Saldana is definitely going to etch her name on that list for the next decade with the mixture of talent she possesses and high profile projects she's got on tap.

Low points: GUESS WHO

OVERALL (9/10):

I wouldn't want to accuse Hollywood and the entertainment media of institutional racism, largely because they're so busy congratulating themselves for how they've been instrumental in the civil rights fight that they wouldn't hear it. But seriously, we're inundated with a barrage of disposable RealityTV and WB "hotties" every week, but hardly a bit of ink gets spilled hyping this unbelievably gorgeous and talented lass? Really? Just gotta shake my head at that.

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