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Body Shop: Victoria Justice

12.26.2011by: Mr. Pink

Another week, another up and coming hottie. This is a chick who unsurprisingly multi-hyphenates, but somewhat surprisingly really does a good job at the acting, singing and dancing thing. She also seems to be, dare I say it, classy compared to the usual coming-of-age crowd. So let's give up some love this holiday season for: VICTORIA JUSTICE!

Check her out in - Fun Size

ASS (9/10):

Wow. We see a lot of butts 'round these parts, some have amplitude, others barely exist, yet something about Victoria's keister just speaks to me. It's a fantastic, totally normal, exquisitely usual butt. In great shape with great shape. Not a gravity defying monster that defies belief, just a curvy, womanly treat.

BOOBIES (8/10):

Mmm, what a nearly perfect pair. Justice's ladies are a bit too big to be written off as athletic, yet have a subtlety to them that is often missing in the charms of larger breasted chicks. They're great and I'd love to have some visual access to them, but am truly OK if they stay covered throughout her career.

FACE (10/10):

Lying somewhere in the middle ground between exotic and girl-next-door, VJ has the type of visage that launches ships. She's simply a phenomenally good looking woman. Not much else to be said really.


It's very difficult to judge what these polished young'uns are really like because so much of their life has been shoe horned into a particular vibe. I do like how self-possessed she comes across at her fairly tender age, and that there seems to be no particular move towards getting the typical exposure of her peers (late nights, groping, etc). At the same time it's hard to find much driving her other than a desire to perform, and that gets tired after a while. I suppose as she transitions out of the harbor of her Nickelodeon shell we'll learn more about her true personality.

CAREER (5/10):

Whelp, so far Vick's most notable accomplishment is a TV show named after her that one critic said was like FAME with a frontal lobotomy. The good news is that she elevates just about everything she's in, so future prospects are fairly strong. But for now, mostly meh.

High points: N/A
Low points: THE GARDEN

OVERALL (9/10):

Victoria Justice is the kind of hot that just is. She strikes a really deep chord for me, and obviously for much of the internet loving world. Her talent is impressive as well, and most likely her career achievements will catch up to their potential sooner rather than later. Happy Holidays ya'll! See ya again in 2012!

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