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Body Shop: Stacy Ferguson

01.26.2009by: Mr. Pink

It's that time of year when Hollywood starts dumping some of its least promising products on our collective eyeballs. Holidays are over, summer's not yet here, and what we get is a whole bunch of meh. So it only seems appropriate to feature a lady who's only marginally a movie hottie, at least at this point. A lady like: STACY FERGUSON!

Check her out in - Nine

ASS (9/10):

People make a big deal about Fergie's keister with good reason. It's got that Latin flair going on. In fact its very reminiscent of Eva Mendes' IMO. I could go on, but instead I'll just give you this pic to enjoy. Go ahead and take your time coming back.

BOOBIES (8/10):

I can't tell for sure, but it looks like there's been some enhancement assistance given to Stacy's lovely lady lumps. I mean, she claims she's had no plastic surgery, and I couldn't find anything beyond supposition about their status. But usually boobs don't jump off the chest like hers do. Not that I'm complaining. Real, fake, or somewhere in between, these sweater stands are definitely a delicious treat.

FACE (6/10):

I caught some flack a few weeks back for using the term butterface, so I'll resist. In fact, while The Ferg's look is decidedly trashy, it's a look that I can get down with. However, it's tough to escape that certain descriptor when so many people apply it to her. Let's just say that she looks rode hard and put away wet more often than she seems daisy fresh.


I don't know a helluva lot about Ms. Ferguson, but I do know that a bi-sexual former meth addict who loves hypnotherapy is my kind of crazy. And I give mad props to anybody who's survived a meth addiction. It also strikes me as an indicator of strong self-confidence that she married a man prettier than she is in Josh Duhamel.

CAREER (4/10):

While it went unseen by me, Ferguson did actually get her main start on the TV program Kids Incorporated. Then she went into music, and has now started dipping her toes in the movie pool. She was supposed to be in The Fog remake, but scheduling screwed it up and she was replaced by Selma Blair. That basically leaves her appearances in Poseidon and Grindhouse to judge her silver screen promise. It doesn't look good. I thought she was pretty unimpressive in both. Really the only thing to look forward to is her getting naked at some point in order to be in a "serious" movie.

High points: N/A
Low points: N/A

OVERALL (7/10):

Obviously from a movie standpoint Stacy is a bust so far. As a straight up hottie she's certainly enticing, but she ends up on the wrong side of skanky too often to get really starry eyed over her. I guess the reason her amazing body works 24/7 is that it has a lot to overcome.

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