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Body Shop: Sophie Marceau

07.19.2010by: Mr. Pink

Back when SPORTS NIGHT was still on, the show delivered a great line for any of you gents who are looking to score. When pressed to provide a compliment on the spot a lad said to his paramour, "You're smokey. Classy, elegant, sexy. Smokey." Homerun my friends. And that's what today's lady is - smokey. Let's peer through the haze to feast our collective eyes on: SOPHIE MARCEAU!

Check her out in - Don't Look Back

ASS (9/10):

It's not a feature that she shows off a lot, but Sophie has got one helluva nice keister. I've done ya a solid and provided another superb look at the evidence down in the career section because ya'll deserve the best.

BOOBIES (10/10):

This is a definite case where motherhood made the girls a much stronger presence. Prior to childbirth, Marceau's jublies were in the 6 to 7 range, but ooh baby they got perfect in post. She gets naked all the time so you can see pretty much as many examples as you want, but to me the best look is this oops (NSFW) from Cannes a few years ago.

FACE (10/10):

She was a Lolita as a teen, a stone cold fox as she aged, and now is a simple, elegant, stunning beauty. How she has kept her timeless look is anybody's guess, but when it comes to ridiculously good-looking people, even Derek Zoolander would give it up for this vision.


Well she's smart, enthusiastic and aw who gives a rats ass! Did you see how damn hot she is? Just kidding. It certainly helps that she's talented, and has a self-possessed confidence. Not crucial in this instance, but certainly helpful. And a little unfair.

CAREER (7/10):

Mz. SM is certainly known on this side of the pond, but hasn't really done much that's gotten a lot of attention over here. She is a talented and welcome presence in any movie she chooses, but probably isn't going to crack the Hollywood A-list at this point. Doesn't seem to bother her though, so I suppose it shouldn't bother us either.

Low points: NELLY

OVERALL (10/10):

Sophie Marceau. Hell even her name sounds sexy. Some chicks are simply top of the food chain and she's a damn good example. Not much else to say really. So I'll just leave you with another picture.

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