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Body Shop: Sofia Vergara

04.12.2010by: Mr. Pink

Since last week didn't seem to go over very well, I thought I'd search out some no brainer hotness for ya'll this week, and the extra benefit is that I know the chick I picked is a Cherry fav. And I do love to make that woman happy. So let's put on our boogie shoes with: SOFIA VERGARA!

Check her out in - The Smurfs

ASS (9/10):

Sweet sassafras that is one deliciously juicy behind. I know Latinas are famous for their ample backsides, but even from that perspective this babe is impressive. Gimme a lunchbox and a tent because I'm ready to camp out there.

BOOBIES (9/10):

Vergara knocks another category out of the park. It's too bad she hasn't seen fit to fully unleash her melons to the fruit starved men and women of the world, because I'm sure the unrestrained glory of her womanly globes must be magnificent. Ah well, she is starting to get a bit older now, so surely we can't be too far from an "I'm still sexy dammit" dip into nudity.

FACE (8/10):

This is actually a tough call, because in pics like the one below she's gorgeous, but there are also angles from which she's getting awfully close to having some butter going on. So what's the real deal? I don't know. What I do know is that she generally appears to be a very good looking woman, and if you happen to catch her at an angle that disagrees with that assessment, well there is so much more to look at to distract you so who cares?


Not too sure about the personality per se here, but the chick's got character in spades. She's been supporting her family on her own since she was 20, and has survived everything from thyroid cancer to the murder of one of her brothers. She's just damn impressive and seems to be really hitting her stride on screen as she hits an age where most women in Hollywood start freaking out that it's all over. No surprise I suppose. It's hard not to like one of Cherry's Bombshells.

CAREER (6/10):

Obviously MODERN FAMILY is getting Sofia more exposure than just about anything else she's done to this point, though she has managed to hold her own against the likes of Angela Bassett, so the chick has chops. Now whether or not mainstream movies have room for a Latina other than Eva Mendes (and to a lesser degree these days JLo) to be a significant player or not remains to be seen, but if so we've definitely got a nomination for the part here.


OVERALL (9/10):

Sofia Vergara is definitely one of those women that is hot enough that her other merits hardly matter. Luckily for us she is also quite a woman in non-physical aspects, and shows promise on the star front if she can break through the Tinseltown color wall. Until then we can all just enjoy how damn fine looking she is, and hope that she'll break out the girls for our collective enjoyment soon.

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