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Body Shop: Sienna Miller

06.29.2009by: Mr. Pink

I gotta say that there were at least three other women I wanted to Body Shop this week that didn't work out for one reason or another. Now it's late and I'm cranky, so let's take a look at somebody that I've never gotten why they have any hype going on at all. The homewrecker known as: SIENNA MILLER!

Check her out in - G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

ASS (8/10):

Generally I want a little more meat on a booty, but I have to admit that Ms. Miller does have some significant enticement going on. Plus there's a certain arch of the back that a woman can rock that speaks volumes to the things she'd like to do to you in bed. From that perspective this is my kind of dirty girl.

BOOBIES (7/10):

Everybody and their brother has seen this lass naked, since she obviously digs sunbathing topless, so it's been made very clear in pictorial fashion that she's got pretty decent, but not amazing boobs. Yet, there's something about the way Sienna barely wears tops that almost makes me want to grade her higher. It wouldn't be fair, but good lord can you look at the pic below and not want to get all up in that?

FACE (7/10):

I don't know what's going on here. SMill has a bit of a butter face sometimes, yet other times she smoulders like coals on a grill. Is she ugly, pretty, indefinable? I honestly don't know. I will say that I'm starting to figure out some of her hype though. The girl carries herself like sex on legs.


No matter what you think of her relationship judgment, she seems like a fine person. That said, I'm in no position to grade her on this because I've become officially smitten with this puzzlingly attractive woman.

CAREER (5/10):

Sienna hasn't done much yet. What I've seen of her indicates that she's got some talent, but nothing so far that knocked me out. Gotta wish her good luck, though.


OVERALL (9/10):

I know the final rating doesn't make sense given the individual marks, but I can't help it. Ms. Sienna Miller is more than the sum of her parts, and while I started off this BS thinking she was mid-range at best, I've now come around to why she's a big deal. The hotness is strong with this one. Feel free to discuss her relative merits below.

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