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Body Shop: Sarah Shahi

08.08.2011by: Mr. Pink

Not having caught a single episode of THE L WORD I'd not come across any of our featured lady's work. But here and there a nubile lass hits your radar through some round about manner and you're immediately struck by how cruel it is that the world at large is not more aware of her scintillating presence. And so it was when I discovered: SARAH SHAHI!

Check her out in - Bullet To The Head

ASS (10/10):

Um, what is there to say here really? Every time I look at her delightfully perfect keister to come up with something to say about it my jaw hits the keyboard. Damn!

BOOBIES (9/10):

It's pics like the one below, (and this one for a bonus) that truly leave me wondering how the hell I went so long without any idea that Ms. Shahi existed. Seriously. I may have to start a grassroots campaign or something because she's just so flippin' bangin'.

FACE (9/10):

It's been since DESPERADO, if I recall correctly, that a celebrity's face has so immediately captured my attention. Am I actually saying she's as mind meltingly hot as a young Salma Hayek? Well, no. But she's really damn close.


Bad news gents. She's married. Not that it should negatively effect her rating here, but sometimes the wild hijinx we could look forward to from an up and coming actress get confounded by mature stuff like a hubby and kid. Oh well. She's still a former Cowboy Cheerleader who possesses a brown belt in karate and happens to be the great-great-grandaughter of a Persian Shah. How's that for a pedigree? It all might not guarantee that she's a cool chick, but that kind of diversity and competence across multiple disciplines makes a strong case that it's likely.

CAREER (6/10):

So far Sarah hasn't had much more than bit parts in any big screen projects, though she has appointed herself well on TV, both network and pay. Her most notable contribution to date has been as a lesbian DJ on THE L WORD which is worth a full extra point on her rating in this category if anybody was wondering.

High points: N/A
Low points: N/A

OVERALL (9/10):

Sarah Shahi became my new most crush worthy female celebrity this week. She is gorgeous from stem to stern and I can't wait to see her in the variety of projects she's got hitting cinemas over the next couple of years.

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