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Body Shop: Rose McGowan

12.13.2010by: Mr. Pink

Ever since I started doing this column there have been certain woman that I've wanted to BS badly, but needed to wait until an opportunity arose. Today another notch on my wish list has been ticked with the chance to tackle: ROSE MCGOWAN!

Check her out in - Conan

ASS (8/10):

Juicy and round is just how a beautiful baby's bottom should be, and Rose has it. From her not there dress at the MTV Video Awards to the go-go dance in GRINDHOUSE, this is a lady who obviously doesn't mind shaking what she's got, and thank goodness for that.

BOOBIES (9/10):

Really nice stuff going on here. There's a gravity defying element to McGowan's lady lumps that soothes the soul. They are super tasty looking, and while she's not aggressive about it, she has been kind enough to show them off on occasion. Much appreciated.

FACE (9/10):

Some faces just make a man melt, and this is one of 'em for me. Sultry and playful and awfully damn beautiful. Sure things got a little weird in the aftermath of her car accident, but it seems to have settled itself back into serious OMG-ness.


I love Rose's story and her spirit. She was brought up in a Christian cult, yet managed to turn into a composed and funny woman, though with a number of psychological quirks and a tendency towards guilt. Still, she's got a live and let live approach that resonates strongly with me. And you've gotta love this - "I've always admitted it: I'm a man with really nice breasts - I'm so guilty of doing every single male thing. Not calling, not showing up, leaving at four in the morning." What a woman!

CAREER (6/10):

Truthfully there isn't a whole lot to love about McG's career to date. Mostly weak indie work and disposable TV appearances. She was good on CHARMED though, and her movie career looks to be taking off in the theoretical sense, though we'll have to see how many of her percolating projects actually come to fruition.


OVERALL (9/10):

Rose McGowan is one of those chicks that just does it for me. She's damn fine and has one helluva vibe about her. Does she ever get her career to match the rest of her charms? I'm not so sure about that, but won't mind continuing to check her out in whatever she snags 'cause I never get tired of watching her do her thing.

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