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Body Shop: Rashida Jones

01.25.2010by: Mr. Pink

Thanks for all the noms for this week's lady. Ultimately I went a little outside the box, but I've got a helluva a list of African-American actresses to hit up in the future. Keep in mind in order to get BS'd, the actress has to have an upcoming project in the JoBlo Upcoming Movies section. Oh, and Geaux Saints!! Helluva win! And now let's get down with: RASHIDA JONES!

Check her out in - Cop Out

ASS (7/10):

Rashida is one of those chicks who doesn't show off her butt much, so gotta give thanks to RashidaJonesWeb for scoring a photo shoot with her in which we actually get to see keister. It might look a touch flat, but as you can see here, it's actually quite a delightful looking handful.

BOOBIES (4/10):

Sadly there's just no there, there. It's probably generous to call Jones an A cup, and while the small tittays can work wonders on some ladies, her's seem almost conspicuous in their relative absence.

FACE (7/10):

Freckles are grand, especially on ethnic babes, but in this case they do kind of give her an insurmountable amount of cute. Which is fine, in fact I like cute. Given certain lighting and makeup styles RJ is even pretty, but overall she's so Peep-like that it's impossible to elevate her into upper tier hotness.


Given that her father is Quincy Jones it's a minor miracle that Rashida isn't just another celebutard. She's well spoken, has her head together by all accounts, and is a smaht chick from Harvard. She doesn't really scream "have a beer with me", what with her penchant for digging uber-sensitive pretty boys, but hey, to each their own.

CAREER (5/10):

Pretty strong showing on her TV work, but movies still leave much to be desired. She's one of those actresses who is comfortable just blending in with the background, and that makes her presence a lot less notable than it might be. She does have talent though, and with the right vehicle looks to be a switch hitter who could hit a comedy and a drama right out of the park.

High points: I LOVE YOU, MAN

OVERALL (6/10):

Rashida Jones seemed a lot hotter when I started this write up, but upon closer inspection is lacking in some key areas. Most likely many of these will be shored up when she gets a chance to stretch her legs in some meatier big screen roles, which of course would alter her relative hotness. All this primarily to say - GEAUX SAINTS!! See ya in Miami!

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