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Body Shop: Olivia Wilde

10.26.2009by: Mr. Pink

Not since Seven Of Nine has a numerically named character made such a splash on the small screen. But now we have Thirteen, and if these two examples are any indication, we should go ahead and demand digits instead of traditional monikers going forward. Now that the hotness that is an unlucky number is coming out in one of the most surprising sequels ever, let's take a look at the scintillating: OLIVIA WILDE!

Check her out in - Tron: Legacy

ASS (9/10):

I tend to be pretty hard on ladies with smaller tush's, largely because I prefer a more womanly set of curves, but I give credit where credit is due. Wilde has a sweet, tight, hot little booty that's got as much curve as its limited amplitude allows. If I had to wake up next to a small heinie, I wouldn't complain if it was this one.

BOOBIES (10/10):

We make such a big deal about mammoth mammaries that sometimes the Itty Bitty Titty Committee has to feel a bit left out in the cold. Well to you ladies with smallish chesticles I say, good on ya, and meet your Queen. Olivia is pretty much sex on legs anyway, and her lady lumps are no exception. Firm, round, surprisingly full and topped with eminently suckable nips (NSFW). In fact I think I hear Cherry salivating right now.

FACE (10/10):

Perfectoration my friends. And I love the fact that she's a natural blonde who prefers how she looks as a brunette. This is Helen of Troy, go to war with Nations kind of beauty. I get totally gobsmacked every time I look at her stunning visage.


With a maiden name like Cockburn, which she substituted Wilde for in honor of Oscar Wilde, you know immediately this chick is cool and smart. A deadly combo. Plus she has dual U.S.-Irish citizenship. Awesome! And as mentioned above I love the hair color she aligns herself with. It's kind of unfair, actually, just how relaxed and cool she seems. But I'll take it.

CAREER (6/10):

The Wilde has one small chink in her armor, and that's her lack of distinguishment on the big far. If you've caught her performances on TV or in movies, you know she has plenty of talent, but so far that talent hasn't found a break out role. Even on HOUSE she's a strong part of a strong ensemble, but it's not a star making turn. So we're left with some minor characters of note in movies that not many people have seen. TRON: LEGACY should turn that around for her, but then we'll have to see how she runs with the ball.

Low points: YEAR ONE

OVERALL (9/10):

Only one reason that Olivia Wilde does not get the elusive 10 hotdogs, and that's a career that as of yet can't merit the top spot. Still, check back in 3 - 5 years and she'll likely be there. The truth is she's as hot as they come, and seems to have the talent to back up the hype that a real beauty generates. This is a wo-man my friends.

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