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Body Shop: Nikolette Noel

02.20.2012by: Mr. Pink


Never heard of our lass this week until I caught a promo still of her from the upcoming THE EXPENDABLES 2. That was pretty much all I needed to start checking her out. Was it treasure or fool's gold I found? Read on to find out about: NIKOLETTE NOEL!

Check her out in - The Expendables 2

ASS (8/10):

Really, really nice backside. It's got just that right amount of plump and fitness to it. This is the kind of booty that yoga pants were made for, and boy howdy will I be waiting for the day we get a pic of her in some. For now I'll settle for bikini shots because I'm a mature and patient person.

BOOBIES (7/10):

Not too shabby, but not too impressive either. Nikolette is rather small in the chestal area, which in and of itself is fine, but her girls don't really do much to distinguish themselves. At the same time, they are boobs, so how much distinguishing themselves do they really need to do?

FACE (6/10):

Weird face here. Like the love child of Reese Witherspoon and Caesar. Not quite a butter face, yet really not very attractive either. Of course you can see how she's got a model's face even though it's not classically pretty. There is something about her gaze that captures your attention. Maybe how incongruous it all seems works in her favor.


No idea truth be told. We know her mom was a famous Hungarian model, and Noel is a legit, college trained actress. Which basically means we don't really know much at all.

CAREER (6/10):

Nik just hasn't done much of note yet, mostly turning up in some ads for TV and print, but she is absolutely blowing up this year if her IMDB profile is to be believed. If she wasn't going to be a gun toting badass in THE EXPENDABLES 2 then her mark might be up to two ticks lower, however, she is. Case closed. Look forward to discovering her on the big screen.

High points: N/A
Low points: N/A

OVERALL (7/10):

Nikolette Noel is one of those fun little discoveries. She's not a big name, nor does she possesses life altering hotness, but she does have some notable attributes and apparently also has the inside track on a number of interesting upcoming projects. Way too soon to say what her long term impact will be, but never too soon to ruminate on the possibilities.

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