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Body Shop: Natalie Dormer

07.11.2011by: Mr. Pink

On occasion a chick will make an impression on you and you don't even realize it until a later date. Today's hottie is one that I caught a glimpse of in the CAP AM trailer and realized that she had played the treacherous Anne Boleyn on Showtime's THE TUDORS. So of course it was time to learn more about: NATALIE DORMER!

Check her out in - Captain America: The First Avenger

ASS (7/10):

I'm hedging my bets here because this was literally the only photo of Dormer's booty I could find (don't even ask where I had to look). It looks very nice and juicy, but I'm always suspicious when a lady who is willing to get naked doesn't ever give a good backside glance.

BOOBIES (6/10):

There is something oddly enticing about Natalie's ladies even though they really suffer from pancake over a stick syndrome. I'm OK with catching some hell for over rating her here though, because despite a lack of the usual hallmarks of a great set, these babies do appoint themselves well somehow.

FACE (8/10):

It's tough to find a more feline and predatory look on a woman who hasn't had a surgical assist. The weird thing is how fundamentally cute this chick is, despite the content of the previous sentence. I'm a total sucker for mishmashes of seemingly incongruous features, so it should be no surprise here that I'm a fan.


She may not have a lot of spotlight shone her way yet to give us all insight into the nitty gritty of who she is, but Nat basically landed a 3 pic deal with Disney on pure awesomeness. Can't fault that. Plus the playful intensity she brings to her roles is alluring to say the least. She's one of those chicks that just gets hotter the more you spend some time getting to know favorite kind.

CAREER (6/10):

In reality it is Natalie's work on THE TUDORS that is her most significant achievement to date. However, she has popped up in a number of flicks, that while maybe not world stoppers, certainly won't be embarrassing as her work becomes known by the public at large. The fact that she just snagged a spot in HBO's amazing GAME OF THRONES indicate she's going to be a growing force for years to come.

High points: CITY OF LIFE
Low points: N/A

OVERALL (7/10):

Natalie Dormer is totally my type of chick. Sassy, sexy, cute but in a devastating way. She may stay under the radar for a very long time, but I'll be keeping a keen eye on her. How 'bout you?

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