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Body Shop: Monica Keena

10.25.2010by: Mr. Pink

Sexy is a tough concept to nail down. Sure we can argue about ratings, and relative attractiveness each week, but ultimately what we respond to is very personal and often times surprising. I know that I have a pretty specific type that I like, and this week's lady does not fit that type. But damn she is just sex made flesh. Let's get down with: MONICA KEENA!

Check her out in - Night of the Demons

ASS (9/10):

The pic below is probably in my top 10 celebrity ass shots of all time. There's something magical about it. I'm not sure why, because Monica lacks the shape and amplitude that I prefer in this body area. Yet I find myself absolutely gobsmacked by her booty whenever I see it.

BOOBIES (9/10):

Keena's chest is another physical wonder on this woman. It truly seems to defy gravity. We're not talking a typically delicious rack, but who cares because no boob loving human is going to be able to look away from these puppies when they are presented. I'm almost convinced they could move on their own if given a chance.

FACE (8/10):

MK is super cute, but unlike most ladies who rock the adorable thing, she's flat out sultry too. Not too many sex kittens out there these days, but holy hell we got one here. That gaze is the type that will turn any normal mortal male into a yammering idiot. And thank goodness for that.


Monica seems to have the smart, ditz dichotomy going on. She's well spoken, well educated, and doesn't screw around about what she wants in her life and her career. At the same time she has a goofy enthusiasm about her that feels more spirit captain than scholar. It's a fun mix and she wears it well.

CAREER (6/10):

Keena's been more of a force on TV than she has been in movies so far, but that's fine since TV programing is arguably stronger than most of what gets into theaters these days anyway. Whether or not she'll make a big splash on the big screen remains to be seen, but my gut feeling is that she'll need some luck to take her career into the majors.

High points: FREDDY VS. JASON
Low points: RIPE

OVERALL (8/10):

Monica Keena, it should be obvious by now, rings my motherf*cking bell in a very serious way. No doubt there are hotter females out there, but few who have the direct line to my sensitive parts like this outright fox.

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