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Body Shop: Michelle Williams

08.02.2010by: Mr. Pink

Back when DAWSON'S CREEK came on the scene I distinctly remember people being blown away by all these kids have sexually frank discussions, while I mostly wondered why the kids in the show weren't actually doing anything. Well, except for one naughty little lass, who unsurprisingly has had the most interesting post-show career. I give you: MICHELLE WILLIAMS!

Check her out in - Blue Valentine

ASS (5/10):

Pretty much the definition of average here. Sure you can find a pic or two where the backside looks fairly appealing, but those are rare. And here's why (NSFW). Just not much to recommend there.

BOOBIES (7/10):

MW has got some very nice sweater puppies. Not the epic grandeur (NSFW) you get with a Diora Baird or Salma Hayek, but still, these are a genuine pair of all American boobies. While the stripper and porn star fantasies are not going to be fulfilled here, certainly anyone with a penchant for sampling a wet nurse is going to be delighted.

FACE (8/10):

I find Michelle's beauty all the more impressive because she is so willing to play ugly. As hot as she is when done up right, she never seems to hesitate when a role requires her to summon Hollywood dirty words like "average", and "ordinary". I'm also admittedly a bit prejudiced here because my wife has a bit of a Michelle Williams thing going on looks wise.


Williams keeps it very close to the vest, so any rating here is partly speculative, but she seems sweet as hell while still rocking a strong rebellious streak. She's hella smart and knows what she wants having both graduated high school AND legally emancipated herself from her parents at age 15. And given what the hellish aftermath of losing Heath Ledger must have been like on her and her daughter, it's hard to have anything but max respect for how the woman handles her business.

CAREER (9/10):

Michelle has the kind of career just about anyone with an ounce of respect for the craft of acting would love. But let's get to the question that will have some people's knickers in a knot. How the hell can an award winning film that landed her an Academy Award nomination be considered a low point. It's like this, BM is easily one of the most ridiculously overhyped, manipulative pieces of self-congratulatory BS I've ever seen. And...discuss.


OVERALL (7/10):

Michelle Williams is a little tough to nail down with a rating because she's not the type of chick that makes a lot of people's top 10, but she has so damn much about her that makes her an intoxicating babe. When it comes down to it I find myself unable to go as high as an 8 overall, even though I'd take her as a girlfriend over most 8's, and even some 9's out there.

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