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Body Shop: Mena Suvari

03.30.2009by: Mr. Pink

Since last week's "interesting" looking hottie caused such a firestorm of disagreement (I was honestly surprised ya'll didn't come down more 50/50-ish) I thought why mess with a good thing. So let's keep the party rolling with another famously different looking lass. She's blonde, she's willing to get naked, and uh...sorry, lost my train of thought. Here's: MENA SUVARI!

Check her out in - The Mysteries of Pittsburgh

ASS (10/10):

Baby got back. How this ass ended up on a skinny white chick eludes me, but whatever Creator you believe in indubitably bestowed a seriously awesome keister on Mena. Round, plush, taut and squeezable - this robust example of womanly perfection is a bum lovers dream.

BOOBIES (3/10):

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. If Suvari's sweater plumpers were any smaller her chest would be a sinkhole. The one saving grace here is that she's got a great nipreola (NSFW) thing going on. The lid's too big for the can, but fun stuff nonetheless.

FACE (9/10):

I used to be confused by how good and how bad one face could look. Then I realized that if Angelina Jolie and Martha Plimpton had a lesbian lovechild it'd be Ms. Suvari. She certainly doesn't appear vain about putting her best look forward all the time, which can lead to some fairly rough candids, but the reality is she has a unique and natural kisser that is absolutely gorgeous when she's not fighting against it.


MeSu comes across as pretty damn bland, but that's not the real problem here. Her father is a psychiatrist, and she married (though later divorced) a man 18 years her senior. All of that just screams daddy issues! Plus if you've ever known a psychiatrist's kid then you know what a pain in the ass they can be. Expect head games and drama to ensue. I'd have her rated lower here, but she's also wicked smart which is a helluva turn on.

CAREER (6/10):

It certainly feels like she's had a better go of it than reality supports. Suvari had a couple good years to be sure, but has mostly fallen off the radar in forgettable, or just plain awful, projects. There's certainly a specificity to how she acts that only seems to work in the right roles. She may have been genetically constructed to be a Mamet heroine, so her appearance in the underrated EDMOND is no surprise. Let's get her a bigger role next time!


OVERALL (7/10):

It's rare that I really struggle with the final rating, but Mena Suvari's such a gumbo of great, and not so great, that I had a hard time deciding just what she deserves. Ultimately, I can't deny the strong urge to bend her over a desk, so I'm skewing the tally in her favor.

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