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Body Shop: Meagan Good

01.31.2011by: Mr. Pink

Hollywood tends to be a bit of a whitewash when it comes to its ladies, so I'm always looking for a chance to add some color to the Body Shop. Drool Back if you have some noms of non-lily white babes you'd like to see featured (hint: it helps if they have an upcoming movie that's listed in the JoBlo Movie Database). This week we'll put our peepers on: MEAGAN GOOD!

Check her out in - Jumping The Broom

ASS (8/10):

Really nice shape here, but Meagan needs to get her derriere into a gym. Thick is awesome, but it needs tone just like anything else. As age advances gravity starts getting much tougher on those who rest on their laurels, vs those who work to keep it hot.

BOOBIES (6/10):

I think there's a line between when fake boobs look semi-natural, and when they start looking pretty porny. Meagan Good's goodies fall on the wrong side of that line. Sure they still have that ole boob magic, that makes ya wanna jam your face in there, but you know you're gonna come out bruised.

FACE (7/10):

I actually think her face is quite pretty, but she seems to screw it up into some stupid MySpace face in every damn photo she takes. It's a shame because there is a lot of natural beauty going on there. Perhaps as time goes on she'll get more comfortable in her own vibe and let that shine out more than trying to put something out there.


We seem to have a fairly typical McDisney outlook here, at least as far as the small amounts of her personality that have been allowed to peek out of a tightly managed career would indicate. I do dig that she loves horror movies, and that she's got her own production company, but not enough to give her a pass on statements like she won't take a role that would, "disappoint God."

CAREER (7/10):

Good has shown on multiple occasions that she can be the real deal with the right material. Sadly that hasn't happened all that often in her career so far. That may be a simple case of math since the number of great roles available to non-white actresses are pretty limited. Hopefully she'll beat the odds in the long run.

High points: EVE'S BAYOU, BRICK

OVERALL (7/10):

Meagan Good is a bit trashy looking overall for my taste, but sometimes that can be fun. She certainly has a sweetness that can come out, and has plenty of talent when given the opportunity to shine.

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