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Body Shop: Marion Cotillard

08.10.2009by: Mr. Pink

I'm not entirely sure why I picked this week's belle. Something about her face captured me the other day, and since I tend to want to explore stuff that gets my attention, this Oscar winner gets the nod this week. All of which means I guess I DO know why she's up. So let's look deep into the eyes of: MARION COTILLARD!

Check her out in - Inception

ASS (7/10):

I really wish we had a few better looks to judge her on, but it's pretty clear Cotillard has a very nice, but nowhere near outstanding backside. To help you decide if you agree or disagree, here's a couple of fun pics from a PSYCHO shoot she did to give you a little more insight either way.

BOOBIES (8/10):

Don't have much to say about her boobs other than I am definitely a fan. Since I want you all to have informed opinions here, I also have a nice NSFW look to get you totally up to speed.

FACE (8/10):

Cotillard has a face that leaves me a little puzzled. She may have the largest chin I've ever seen on a non-animated woman. And from certain angles that is a problem. At the same time she has such striking eyes that I'm pretty happy to stare and stare, all the while ignoring the landmass down below. In fact, her features are a weird mish mash of boyish and delicately feminine that I for one will be happy to dedicate further study to.


Like many aspects of Marion, this is difficult to get a handle on. She's a singer which is a big plus for me. And she's got a plucky spirit that I definitely like. At the same time she's a member of Greenpeace (don't get me started), and isn't sure she believes in the moon landing. Ugh. For now I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt, but there is legitimate concern here that she's a pretty serious airhead.

CAREER (9/10):

Oscar winner. Not much you can say to trump that. Only thing keeping her from the top spot is that she's hasn't got multiple wins or true international stardom. Only time will tell if she gets there, but no matter what, you can never take away that golden statuette she's got in her hot little hands.

Low points: ???

OVERALL (8/10):

Marion Cotillard is a not a lass who was high on my radar, but there's something about her that sticks in your craw and makes you want to know more. Her looks, body and vibe are a mass of seeming contradictions, but the end result is she is one yummy piece of work.

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