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Body Shop: Leslie Bibb

12.17.2007by: Mr. Pink

I suppose when you're discovered in a modeling contest sponsored by Oprah you're destined to lead a charmed life. So far this week's hottie has managed just that. No B-list breakdowns right after achieving a measure of fame, some notably strong supporting work in the transition to actress, and she's gotten to make out with both Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Hmmm, maybe Oprah's power to transform DOES have limits. Still, that probably means you've got a shot with: LESLIE BIBB!

Check her out in - Trick 'R Treat

ASS (7/10):

Bibb's definitely got the type of body that's been chic in modeling over the past decade, a/k/a not much meat. If Salma Hayek's body is a nice juicy rack of pork ribs, chicks like Les are beef jerky. Maybe not as savory as pork, but still, who doesn't like the jerky? Let's see, how can I wrap up this metaphor...not the kind of meat you'd plan a meal around, but a more than acceptable snack.

BOOBIES (3/10):

Oh man, this is not a pretty sight. I've rarely seen a pair of breasts that just hang out on a woman's chest like sullen teenage twins. Not only is there hardly anything there, but what is there looks like Captain Morose came along and sucked all the fun out.

FACE (8/10):

Not only is Bibb-L a beautiful woman, but she also exudes an energy that says, "Oh you want me to put on a naughty schoolgirls outfit and come to your office? Yes sir, Mr. Principal." I lack any first hand knowledge, or even any good rumors, but to me this a brand of hotness that screams (sing it with me ya'll) "Anything you want / you got it / anything you need / you got it / anything at all / you got it / baaaayyyyybbbbbeeee.


She gets high marks for actually finishing high school after winning a modeling contest at 16. Plus she put off some offers post-grad to attend the University of Virginia. Granted that only lasted a semester, but at least she gave it a shot. On top of that her choice of roles seems like the choices of one uber-cool chick. Add to that the fact that she's divorced (i.e. willing to get serious, but probably not looking to get too serious) and Bibb becomes a totally hang-outable seeming lass.

CAREER (6/10):

Bibb hasn't made a big ripple on the silver screen yet, although her "breakout" role in Talladega Nights was an important step. She's been lurking around in small supporting roles and TV work for over a decade, but is just now getting some name and face recognition. Better late than never, and based on the sauce she brought as Carley Bobby, the future for her is gonna be hot!

Low points: THE SKULLS

OVERALL (7/10):

Leslie was on a track to be yet another forgettable blond in a sea of similar hotness. Always pleasant background scenery, but never taking the leap to star. Well, a little NASCAR can change things for a southern girl, and now not only do we know who she is, we're looking forward to seeing what she does next. Expect a Diane Lane like path for this lady as she starts to take off in her, gasp, 30's!

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