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Body Shop: Lena Headey

06.01.2011by: Mr. Pink

Saw the trailer for IMMORTALS this past week when I took my son to THOR and was immediately transported back into a 300 mindset. And that got me thinking about this week's lady. She plays hard yet beautiful about as well as it can be played. So let's take a good look at: LENA HEADEY!

Check her out in - Hunter Killer

ASS (7/10):

Lena's booty is enticing, but at the same time it's a bit bony and juts out at odd angles. It makes for an interesting hodgepodge. Can't say it's one of the best out there, but I dig it any way.

BOOBIES (8/10):

If you've seen 300 then you know that even though the clothed appearance of Headey's baby feeders isn't that notable, when unleashed they are a great example of super awesome smallish boobs. And it's of course a bonus that she is not shy about sharing her wares.

FACE (8/10):

Beautifully tortured is probably the best way to describe this lady's look. She's hot for sure, and has a hard edge that probably gets some of the less dominant males out there fantasizing about all sorts of mistress driven shenanigans. I think it gets boring after awhile if all a chick has to offer is dour, but until then, man what a looker.


Mostly this madam seems pretty serious all the time. And the fact that she's a boxing, yoga-loving vegetarian doesn't do much to alter that view point. Not that serious is terrible or anything, it's just not my personal favorite. But, then I found out her dogs are named Wizard and Angela Lansbury. That's just plain awesome.

CAREER (7/10):

In many ways Ms. Headey has a character actor's resume, despite her good looks. She shows up in projects of all ilk, does her thing, and moves on. There aren't many big misses in her past, and quite a few hidden gems if you're inclined to look for them. The fact that she's not a bigger name has nothing to do with lack of talent.

High points: GOSSIP, POSSESSION, 300

OVERALL (8/10):

Lena Headey is a seriously sexy woman. Emphasis on both of those descriptors. It's entirely possible that hanging around with her would do little other than make you feel insufficient, but it'd still probably be worth it.

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