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Body Shop: Leighton Meester

05.25.2009by: Mr. Pink

Let's clean up a couple things from last week before we move on. It felt like a breath of fresh air to argue ass rankings with poop again. And to the clever gent pimping IMDB, thanks for the input but career here is only for movies. Thanks for playing. Speaking of predominantly TV babes, this week's hottie is a chick that I expect to see great things from in the coming years, because what I've seen so far has knocked me out. All you GOSSIP GIRL fans will be well familiar with: LEIGHTON MEESTER!

Check her out in - Date Night

ASS (10/10):

Doesn't get any better than this friends. Perfect shape and taut as hell. I wouldn't mind having a few better looks at it, but there's no question this booty is aces.

BOOBIES (6/10):

I don't mind that these pups are tiny, hell some of the best tittays in the world are on the smallish side. But they really do a poor job of offering any significant coverage of the chestal area. I suppose I'm probably a bigger fan of them than perhaps they merit, because I struggled on which way to go with this rating, but while nice enough, they really don't make it into the category of notable.

FACE (10/10):

Good God I love a face like this. Sweet and sassy while still being sexy as hell. I admit my preference for brunettes has me digging the dark shades she's taken on of late, but regardless this is the face of an angel...hopefully an angel who digs oral.


Meister could easily come off as just another pageant beauty, but she's making a strong case for being much more than that. First she's clearly smart, which is a serious turn on. And she can sing, which melts me like butter on a potato. Looking this good she could easily be nothing but a high maintenance biatch, yet she instead comes across as cool and down-to-earth. Not a bad deal.

CAREER (7/10):

I've been significantly impressed with Leighton every time I've seen her. I also love that she's made inroads into being a young scream queen with a couple of genre efforts under her belt. Of course her greatest impact so far has been on TV, but a talented hottie like this seems destined to move onto the big screen in a big way.

Low points: KILLER MOVIE

OVERALL (9/10):

Straight up, Leighton Meister is my kinda chick. Hot body with a sexy/innocent look, I could make all sorts of bad decisions for her as long as she keeps rocking the brunette locks. I may be rating a bit high here because she's so personally great to me, but I'm sure ya'll will set me straight if you think I'm off here.

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