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Body Shop: Lacey Chabert

10.06.2008by: Mr. Pink

Before TV got it's shite together and started bringing in top tier talent both on and off camera, there were many long difficult years when shows like PARTY OF FIVE took over the fan base because their particular brand of melodrama happened to be what sold. I was never able to make it through an entire show, but I did notice the young lady on it seemed likely to pull an Alyssa Milano as she matured. So let's see how the years have treated: LACEY CHABERT!

Check her out in - The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

ASS (5/10):

There are about two photos of Chabadaba's haunches, and they're both candids. It's not terribly surprising because it looks like she's smuggling a serious mom butt. I would like more evidence to review, but for now I can see why she doesn't seem keen to feature it.

BOOBIES (10/10):

Sweet jumpin' jehosaphat! Why the hell is Neve Campbell the only POF alum who's shown us her jubblies yet? I know JLH has launched millions of hopes and erections, but I think the dark horse for best chest Peeps from the show is Lacey. Just look at those damn things. They're freaking magical.

FACE (7/10):

I feel a little bad for LChab, 'cause she's definitely pretty enough, but her face is already showing the signs of premature aging. And as near as I can tell she hasn't been a follower of the Lindsay Lohan school of health management. I expect the next decade will be less than kind for this otherwise enjoyable visage.


Truthfully this lass has the kind of aw shucks niceness that I find rather boring. Genuine, but boring. Thing is, I feel bad about downgrading someone too much just because they're really nice, plus she's apparently a hellcat when it comes to Cajun cooking. That makes up a lot of ground. Laissez le bon temps roulet!

CAREER (5/10):

Definitely average overall, though she made a smart move in concentrating on animated projects as she navigated the dually difficult waters of post hit TV show and girl growing up in H'Wood. I don't have a clue if she's going to end up as anything other than a guest commentator on endless VH1 specials, but it seems like she's getting as much work as she wants so you can't hate on that.

High points: MEAN GIRLS

OVERALL (7/10):

Honestly, without the bewbs Ms. Chabert would be a notch lower at least, but I already told you those things are magical. As child stars go, she's definitely a success story. Perhaps in time she'll end up as a legit star in the current cinematic landscape, but at least we know she's not going to go down a Bonaduce-like path.

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