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Body Shop: Kirsten Dunst

10.15.2007by: Mr. Pink

Whether she's playing the cutest bloodsucker this side of Bunnicula, or captivating the country with the power of her nips, there's plenty to like about today's gangly girl. Let's take a closer look at how we've all gotten caught in the web of The Amazing: KIRSTEN DUNST!

Check her out in - How To Lose Friends And Alienate People

ASS (6/10):

Mostly non-existent, eh? It's almost impossible for any young starlet in Hollywood to avoid maximizing her booty potential given the trainers and workouts available to them, but you can only do so much. So KDun's bum is not completely unenticing, but it's definitely not a supastar either.

BOOBIES (8/10):

Large and in charge. Not in a water balloon ready to burst kind of way, but definitely in a "wow those really pop on a skinny chick" kind of way. There's no question that they increase her attractiveness in a +1, maybe +2 artifact manner (holla at me D&D fans!) Especially in this situation (NSFW)

FACE (6/10):

DunK isn't exactly a Butter Face, but there is a distinctly Deputy Dawg sort of quality to her kisser. The dull, close to drooling energy (or lack thereof) behind those eyes evokes visions of Nicholson at the end of Cuckoo's Nest. Luckily she somehow remains eminently beddable, proving that there's a big difference between pretty and sexy.


I think of chicas like Dunsy as having a "mistress personality" - bubbly, fun, very likely to get you into clubs or situations that you wouldn't have explored on your own. Do you want her around when you're sick? No. When you need a friend or someone to confide in? No. But that's OK, because she probably doesn't want you to deal her that sauce either. Keep it light, keep it fun when you're with The Dun.

CAREER (9/10):

Nothing but solid performances, solid films and solid box office for this lady. She gets her indie cred, her studio cred, and her goofy teenager cred all without making it look embarrassing or over calculated. Whatever Kirsten's secret is, or whoever manages her career, it's potent hoodoo this treat is wielding.

Low points: NONE

OVERALL (7/10):

Kinda like a stripper, Kirsten looks better when you don't look too closely. Her body of work may be impressive, but her actual body falters a bit in the harsh light of day. Still, she does what she can with what nature provided, and while she might not top many fantasy lists, she's not getting kicked out of any beds either.

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