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Body Shop: Keri Russell

11.02.2009by: Mr. Pink

Some chicks have been around forever, but still seem a bit under the radar. They may be hot, talented, even relatively well known, but at the end of the day they just don't get into the celebrity hottie conversation very much. So let's take a little time to reacquaint ourselves with: KERI RUSSELL!

Check her out in - Extraordinary Measures

ASS (9/10):

Maybe I'm getting soft in my old age, but I keep finding skinny little booties that I really dig. Which does not mean that my preference for a large, deliciously juicy backside is waning at all. Just means that I am fair minded towards those who are perfectly behinded.

BOOBIES (3/10):

When you can see the ribs through the boobs it's a bit of a problem. Keri definitely gets an extra point for her perkilicious nipplage, but even that can't hide the fact that she's got absolutely nothing going on up top. Fortunately there's plenty of other tastiness to focus on with her.

FACE (9/10):

Russell is a damn fine looking woman. She's so pretty that it's a little surprising when she plays matter-of-fact so well. About the only thing holding her back from the top spot is that no matter what she does, there's a cuteness that comes through much more so than a real sexiness. Plus, I've never forgiven her for cutting her hair and destroying FELICITY.


A smart, loving MILF who knows how to balance family and career is a pretty solid mix. In fact, KR's whole vibe kinda feels solid. She doesn't really dazzle you with her presence, but she's certainly rocking more substance than most of her Tinseltown compatriots. Credit her for caring less about what we want, and instead focusing on what she wants.

CAREER (8/10):

It's a shame that KRuss is best known for FELICITY, because she really is one hell of an actress and has a resume that rarely shows a misstep. Her turn in WAITRESS is a great example of a criminally underrated performance. It's probably more a matter of happenstance than choice if Russell ever gets a true break out movie role, because she doesn't seem to care about pushing things in the fame and fortune direction. I'd wager though, that she'll be around for a long time bringing outstanding performances to roles big and small.


OVERALL (8/10):

Keri Russell is a sweet little minx all wrapped up with talent and spunk. She's equally at ease in big budget and indie projects, while affecting a low key attractiveness that belies just how smoking hot she is. Maybe she doesn't have the desire to maximize her celebrity profile, but that pesky ability she's got may up and deliver it to her some day anyway.

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