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Body Shop: Katrina Bowden

05.16.2011by: Mr. Pink

Took a shot at my first triathlon this weekend and it didn't go so well. Couldn't finish the swim and had to drop out. Why do you care? Well, you don't, but it led to me deciding the only thing I cared about when picking this week's hottie was that she look great in a swim suit, because believe me, I don't. So I'm gonna try to scrub away the disappointment from my race by concentrating on ultra hot pics of the delectable: KATRINA BOWDEN!

Check her out in - Piranha 3DD

ASS (9/10):

The great thing about Kat's booty is that the pic below isn't even all that great a shot of it. I picked it though, because it sure is evocative. Typically a skinny chick lacks the oomph to her keister that we've got here, which makes it all the more notable.

BOOBIES (8/10):

Smallish, but well fit to her frame is the name of the game here. Typically I wouldn't have quite the high opinion of a pair like these, but there's just something about 'em that keeps pulling me in. How 'bout you?

FACE (8/10):

I really like a woman who looks like this. A little beauty. A little quirky. A little mystery. Depending on the angles you catch her at she's got all kinds of different looks, which is great news for whatever paramour catches her eye. The rest of us at least get to be eager spectators.


Not much out there on what type of person Bowden is, but she's damn funny and more than willing to show off her delicious body so I'm gonna just go with she must be an amazing person.

CAREER (6/10):

This was a tweener for me, because I feel like KB is right on the cusp of being a notable talent. Not necessarily a major talent, although I wouldn't be shocked if it went that way, but notable for sure. However, even with her nice turn on 30 ROCK and a few solid big screen appearances, she just hasn't made enough of a splash yet to really merit intro to the upper middle echelon. In a year or so this should be at least a point higher. In five, maybe more.

Low points: THE SHORTCUT

OVERALL (8/10):

Katrina Bowden is as Prince would say, a sexy motherf*cker. She's got a lot to offer physically, and is showing glimmers of maybe substantial talent as well. It's sure going to be easy on the eyes to watch how she progresses.

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