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Body Shop: Katherine Heigl

06.23.2008by: Mr. Pink

They say that a man with strong opinions is called confident and a woman with strong opinions is called a bitch. But a double standard doesn't mean that sometimes the woman in question isn't a class-A biatch. When she's also dropping some notable hotness on our collective eyeballs then she must be: KATHERINE HEIGL!

Check her out in - The Ugly Truth

ASS (6/10):

Think being a photographer is easy? Like hell. Look at the magic that shooter Willy Camden creates in the pic below to make a kinda dumpy butt look grand. The torso tilt to get some backside jut. The slight midsection twist to hide a thick-ish waist and hips with no outside curve. The left arm placed to make that same waist look smaller. And the cherry on top, both legs bent forward (working with the torso lean to hide the booty's flatness), but each leg at a slightly different angle to make the cheeks look fuller and rounder than they are. It's backcan photog genius my friends.

BOOBIES (10/10):

Perfect. What more needs be said?

FACE (7/10):

Heigl's a little bit better than generic hot, but not by much. It's a bit too difficult to find a pic that's a fair representation of how she looks, and a bit too easy to find pics that make her look like a horse mouthed uggo to give her any more than mid-level props. That's OK, though, 'cause her personality will save her hotness, right? Uh oh.


Trashes Knocked Up after getting her current high profile status launched by the damn thing. Then turns around and withdraws her name from Emmy contention for Grey's Anatomy which is how she got noticed by Apatow for KU in the first place. Hm, ungrateful springs to mind. Immature also sails off the tongue. Quit the damn show. Read a f*cking script before you do a movie. Don't backpeddle like a bitch (and I mean this in the sense that the Barksdale crew use it on The Wire) trying to benefit from and separate yourself from the same damn thing. She'd actually get graded lower here, but even Paris Hilton got a "3", and I can't mark a smart chick lower than a dumb one even if she is a lame ass flip-flopper.

CAREER (7/10):

On the rise? Romantic comedies seem a good fit for Kat's in the box talent, but it's been a long time since a legit star emerged from that pool. I'm guessing her best trajectory would have been various subversions of the fratpack comedies that are killing right now, but somehow I think she's probably locked out of that world now. So where does she go from here? Lifetime Originals within a decade I'd guess. But for now she's ostensibly A-list.

Low points: BUG BUSTER

OVERALL (5/10):

This is a clear case of hotness being trumped by personality. I, in fact, would kick her out of bed. As soon as she looked at me with those tortured Grey's Anatomy eyes, or opened her mouth to let out that grating voice of hers, yeah, I should, could, and proudly would say no to the "charms" this schizo ex-Mormon brings to the table. That is all.

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