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Body Shop: Kate Mara

08.09.2010by: Mr. Pink

Being a ginger myself I've traditionally not been drawn to the red-haired ladies, but for some reason I'm finding that is no longer the case. It seems day after day some new auburn tressed gal catches my eye, and one of the first that led this new charge seared my brainpan while I slogged through SHOOTER. She popped onto the screen with a bra and a shotgun and I pretty much fell in love on the spot. I'm of course talking about the lovely: KATE MARA!

Check her out in - 127 Hours

ASS (8/10):

Yum yum in the bum bum here. When you find a petite lass who is seriously rocking some legit junk in her trunk you better grab her and hold on tight. Because that level of unexpected magnificence is rare and should be treasured.

BOOBIES (10/10):

I see nothing wrong with these. Nothing. And I know of no better definition of perfection. Feel free to disagree. I'll be busy staring at those delightful melons.

FACE (8/10):

Ever notice that her left eye is kind of permanently fixed as though it is squeezing down into a pirate grimace? Temptations to say "Argh!" aside, Kate has one loverly kisser. I like girls like her who are way out of most mortal's league, but still give off the appearance of being accessible. It leads to a nice, comforting fantasy life and I appreciate it.


Don't really know much about her yet. She's very smart which is a big plus, comes from money, which usually does not bode well, and is a huge Giants fan because of family connections (I'll let you come to your own conclusion as to whether or not that's a good thing). Overall she seems like a chick who is probably pretty cool, but there are certainly plenty of reasons to be suspicious.

CAREER (5/10):

Mara has appointed herself well so far in her career, but hasn't been in much that returned the favor. She seems to be making a habit of being the best thing in mediocre offerings. The small screen has been slightly kinder to her, and hopefully with 4 big screen projects coming out soon she'll start to become a more well known force. But for now it's hard to see her as more than a talented distraction.

High points: WE ARE MARSHALL

OVERALL (8/10):

Kate Mara is really hot but it's a little difficult to guess where her trajectory as a screen star is going to take her. Her project choice isn't always super strong, and you can only be good in bad stuff for so long before you kind of get stuck. Let's hope the next year or two breaks her out of that mold though, because on the front of hotness and ability, she deserves more.

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