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Body Shop: Kate Hudson

08.04.2008by: Mr. Pink

Seems that a lot of times the spawn of Hollywood hotties somehow get rogered but good by the gene pool they're sprung from and come out looking more fugly than fabulous. I'll not be unkind and point out examples, but ya'll feel free to ruminate on the matter. Still, there is the whole exception that proves the rule thing. So which way does it go for: KATE HUDSON!

Check her out in - My Best Friend's Girl

ASS (7/10):

Always good to see hips on a skinny chick. And while the backside plumplitude isn't mythic, it's fairly notable given the accompanying body dimensions. I'm also happy to admit there's a certain "it" factor here that turns this booty into something a fair sight more enticing than the stats would indicate.

BOOBIES (3/10):

Um, let's see. How can I put this? Let's try some math. If the surface area of your nipples + areola > the surface area of the rest of your boobs, then your chest < notable.

FACE (10/10):

I've heard some people state that KHud looks just like her mom, but I only see trace evidence of that. What I see most strongly is that she seems to have some sort of extraterrestrial influence in her features. I mean seriously, I think Goldie got womb filled by some straight up Communion folk. So I don't know how to classify her beauty other than unearthly - and I mean that as the highest possible compliment.


They say that Kate lights up a room, and I don't doubt it's true. But that doesn't mean that her brand of ditzy hippie flipiness is much to admire or aspire to. She seems genuinely good hearted, but I just couldn't imagine having to spend much time around her without needing to take insulin. Way too sweet for me.

CAREER (6/10):

It sure seems like Kate Hudson is a big ole star, but in truth she's been in one really good movie that nobody liked (Gossip), and one legit hit (Almost Famous). The rest of her resume is filled with middle of the road efforts across multiple genres. She may get everybody all a quiver in regards to her dating exploits and baby bumps, but as to what she puts up on screen it's largely generic brand sauce.


OVERALL (6/10):

I consistently find myself surprised by the conclusion I get to in these things after going through the breakdowns. As an example I figured that Ms. Hudson would be a 7, but when you look at all her attributes the reality is that outside of an outstanding face and famous parents, she's hardly got more legit import than a Jackie Collins novel. So there ya go.

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