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Body Shop: Kaley Cuoco

01.23.2012by: Mr. Pink

Finally started watching THE BIG BANG THEORY this week and was immediately smitten with the same young lady that poor Leonard is mooning over. So who to do this week was solved, but let me state right off the bat this was one of the more frustrating BS's I've put together because the lady in question has a totally bangin' body and yet there is a ridiculous dearth of high quality shots of one of the nicest bodies I've seen on an actress in a good while. So spend some time here, and then go look up some vids because the photos I was able to find to use are a poor substitute for the majesty that is: KALEY CUOCO!

Check her out in - Hop

ASS (10/10):

Sad that the best shot of this perfect example of womanly back flesh was a still from HOP (don't worry, it's included down in Career). Nevertheless Kaley is packing high quality heat for her hindquarters, and makes one wonder if she doesn't have a little Latin blood mixed in to her corn fed look. TBBT is funny as hell, but I've missed a good 10% of their jokes because of being distracted by that tush.

BOOBIES (9/10):

Dear God this tiny little thing is a brick house. The breast/butt combo she's rocking is the sort of thing that could render many a mortal man speechless. Her bosom is all soft and bouncy, accessibly and clearly happy to share the limelight with her. She doesn't strike me as one who is going to feel the need to go nude in order to gain legitimacy, which is too bad for us, but hell, hope springs eternal.

FACE (6/10):

Oh snap. Achilles heel discovered. Cuoco is a cutie pie, but her face is weird. Not to the point that it would put you off (especially with a body like hers), but she is definitely not a traditional top shelf beauty. Now I'm sure her fans may rake me across the coals for this affront, but unlike anything else about her physically, the face for me is decidedly average.


KC is quite a package. She plays drums, graduated high school at 16, loves dogs, and was a nationally ranked amateur tennis player. Always dig a chick with varied interests, and particularly dig a smart chick. On top of that she often has been cast older than her actual age which tends to speak to maturity and vibe in a positive manner. I'm a fan.

CAREER (7/10):

We can dispense from the outset the idea that Ms. Cuoco has had any kind of successful impact on the big screen, but her small screen work has been too notable to ignore. Of course what brings us all here today is her presence on THE BIG BANG THEORY. Her role on that is a lot harder to pull off than some might give her credit for, and it is a legitimate TV touchstone. I'd imagine she'll find her way into some theatrical success at some point, but it doesn't feel like an inevitability. And I think plenty of her fans would be happy to keep her in their homes every week for a good long time.

High points: N/A
Low points: COUGAR CLUB, HOP

OVERALL (8/10):

Kaley Cuoco has one of the hottest bodies you could ask for, with a less impressive face topping it. Yet she's so damn expressive with it that her inherent sense of humor raises its value too. Obviously a hot and talented chick is going to get tempted with offers to go big, but I'm totally cool with her staying wrapped in skimpy outfits on the boob tube for as long as she wants.

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