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Body Shop: Jamie Chung

04.18.2011by: Mr. Pink

Is it a compliment to say that someone is the most successful REAL WORLD alum you've heard of? Probably not, but then again, the fact that someone is even close to relevant after being on that show is probably noteworthy. So let's give some ink to: JAMIE CHUNG!

Check her out in - Premium Rush

ASS (7/10):

Really flat and small, I still must give credit for the awesome shape that Ms. Chung has her backside in. The rest of her too for that matter. The chick is a lithe little beast, and you can never have a terrible ass when you've got that kind of tone.

BOOBIES (8/10):

As befits her size, Jamie's can-cans are fairly small, but man what a punch these little babies pack. Round, pert and fun as hell to look at, I think she may well have close to a perfect pair in her size range.

FACE (6/10):

I don't feel very good about this rating, because for the most part she is a very pretty lady, but I cannot get passed the distraction of her often crossed eyes. I know it has to do with how the shape of the lids play out in an Asian woman. But knowing what's going on, and not being thrown by it are two different things.


She may be a perfectly lovely person, but I can't take anyone seriously who started out on THE REAL WORLD.

CAREER (7/10):

This may seem like too high a rating for this particular chica, but she's managed to wend her way into multiple high profile projects, slowly working her way into more substantial roles, and shows no signs of slowing down. Is she ever going to be a legitimate force? Hard to see that happening. But there's no shame in being a solid go to hottie who can kick some serious ass.

High points: SUCKER PUNCH

OVERALL (7/10):

Jamie Chung has a lot of average running throughout her stuff, but I can't ignore the fact that she has one slim and slamming body going on with a career that shows some promise. Could easily be that in two or three years she'll be nowhere, but it feels like this little chica may have a bit more tenacity going on than that.

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